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Welcome to is a site about all things Jem: where Jem fans from all around the globe come to purchase rare and hard to find Jem products, order custom dolls and accessories, restore their own dolls from their own collection, and to share their love for all things Jem.

This site also contains info for fans to get together and Jemgirl is the fashion maker for the Jemcon fashions which is a Jem convention for Jem fans. has a dedicated to the customization of Jem dolls and creating custom shoes and accessories for the dolls that customers can buy. Plus the popularity of the shoes has also allowed Jemgirl to branch out into also making shoes for Blythe, Pullip, Barbie, Strawberry Shortcake and Monster High dolls. So if there are custom shoes you are after for your dolls, you’ve come to the right place.

                                                            “Truly Outrageous!”

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Jemgirl’s shoes and glasses for Blythe dolls have been featurted in the Doll Reader Haute Doll Guide for February/ March

Click here for the full Haute Doll Guide

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                                                             So, then who is Jem?

Jem is a cartoon from the 80’s with a doll line to coincide with the cartoon. The lead character of the cartoon, Jem, is the lead singer of the band, 'Jem and the Holograms'. Her identity is kept secret from all but her friends - only the Holograms know who she really is. So who is she? Jem is really Jerrica Benton, the manager of the rock group: Jem and the Holograms. And with the help of Jerrica's holographic creating computer 'Synergy', Jerrica turns into the glamorous Jem. So that Jerrica can become Jem anytime and anywhere, she projects the hologram of Jem from her

Jemstar earrings. is the brain-child of Rachael Prins – a.k.a. Jemgirl - and was established in 2004 as the first unique one- stop-shop in cyberspace just for Jem fans. was developed as a website where Jem fans could purchase Jem Products (Jem dolls & clothes, Jem shoes & accessories, and Jem merchandise), order custom made Jem dolls, have their own Jem doll restored to original condition and to share their love for all things Jem. Following the success

of custom made Jem products, Rachael expanded the product line designed and created by to include other brands such as Blythe and Barbie where the site now offers almost any doll accessory a customer wishes to order.

Rachael lives in Melbourne, Australia and creates unique custom dolls with full re-painted faces. Rachael also performs complete doll hair replacement, haircuts and hair-styling, doll design, drafts patterns and tailoring of doll outfits. She also hand casts new shoes and accessories from special polymers to give the dolls a complete new look and full make over from head to toe. The main doll lines that are customised are Jem and Blythe dolls, however Rachael offers this service on almost any brand and era of doll. Apart from running all aspects of, Rachael collects many dolls herself as it has been a life-long passion of hers.

Rachael’s skills gained from many years working as a professional photographer (in Tasmania & Melbourne photographing weddings, events, and products) has helped as photography is a fun and important element of showcasing the final results of creations.

Music and photography are two of Rachael’s greatest passions, and from time to time she also works on side projects in these areas of creativity.

“Life should be about being involved in and creating the things you love and sharing these gifts with others”

Items in the Toy Store have sold really well last year and currently there’s a small amount of available. I will be adding more items again soon and also keep your eye out on ebay, as some items will be added there soon also.

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News for September 2011:

And here’s the pages Jemgirl’s shoes and glasses were featured in:

A list of Doll collecting events will now be listed on the Jemgirl website, so that collectors in Melbourne can see where there’s upcoming events.

- Sunday 23rd October 2011: Halloween Doll Extravaganza - Fashion & Celebrity Doll Collectors Sales Day

Phyllis Hore Room, Civic Drive, Kew. Next to Kew Library, Off Cotham Rd.

This event is put on by Mary from and has a great selection of fashion dolls such as Barbie, Bratz, Fashion Royalty and much more and this is the Halloween event to get dressed up in your Halloween best!

‘Click here for site details’

  1. -Saturday 24th March 2012- Melbourne Doll Market - for Blythe, Ball Jointed Dolls, Momoko, Fashion Royalty, Barbie and other fashion dolls held at the Banyule Arts Space in Ivanhoe. Jemgirl will also have a sales table with custom doll shoes and other goodies

‘Click here for site details’

‘Email Jemgirl’